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Unleash your potential with a trained workforce

Elevate productivity, foster innovation, and stay agile in a dynamic market. Invest in employee development for lasting success. 

  • Build Future-Ready Skills

    We envision Hypernated as a catalyst for equipping businesses with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate emerging trends and technologies. By offering comprehensive training programs and upskilling initiatives, we aim to bridge the gap between traditional and future job roles. Our focus is on empowering individuals to adapt to changing industry demands, enabling businesses to remain competitive.

  • 1:1 Mentoring & Coaching

    We believe in the power of personalized learning. Hypernated aims to provide tailored development paths for employees, combining self-paced online courses, virtual classrooms, hands-on workshops, and mentorship programs. By understanding individual aspirations and skills, we create dynamic learning experiences that cater to unique needs, fostering growth and engagement.

  • Interview Prep

    At Hypernated, we understand that a successful interview is the gateway to your dream career. Our Interview Prep service is designed to empower you with the skills, confidence, and strategies needed to excel in any job interview. Our experienced coaches customize the preparation to match your industry, role, and individual strengths. Benefit from realistic mock interviews to refine your responses and enhance your performance under pressure.

  • Resume review

    Your resume is your professional signature — make it unforgettable with Hypernated's Resume Review service. Our team of expert career advisors meticulously analyzes your resume, transforming it into a powerful tool that opens doors to new opportunities. Receive tailored feedback on content, structure, and formatting to ensure your resume stands out in a competitive job market.

  • Data-driven Insights

    We are committed to leveraging the power of data and analytics to provide actionable insights for our clients. By tracking individual and organizational progress, we can identify skill gaps, recommend targeted learning interventions, and measure the impact of our programs. This data-driven approach enables us to continuously improve and refine our offerings, ensuring maximum return on investment for our clients.

  • Agile Work Methodologies

    In a dynamic business landscape, adaptability is key. Hypernated empowers your organization with Agile Work Methodologies that revolutionize how you approach projects and collaboration. Our tailored services are designed to enhance efficiency, foster innovation, and elevate team performance. Equip your teams with the principles and practices of Agile methodologies.

How It Works

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    Fit Assessment

    Find out if Hypernated is the right fit for you or your organization by scheduling a FREE 30-minute consultation session with a member of the team. You can do this by clicking the "Book a free session" button in the menu bar.

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    If the initial conversation is positive, request a detailed proposal or statement of work. Clearly outline your expectations, goals, and desired outcomes. Include details about the project scope, deliverables, timeline, and budget.

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    Organize a kick-off meeting to introduce key team members. Review the project plan, objectives, and timelines. Establish communication channels and protocols. Schedule regular check-ins to monitor progress. Address any issues or concerns promptly. Keep communication lines open for feedback.

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    Conclude the project with a formal closure meeting. Discuss lessons learned and areas for improvement. Consider the potential for future collaboration.

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What people say about us

  • I'm grateful for Tabot's exceptional guidance in my Product Management job search. His strategic coaching, tailored advice, and thorough interview preparation were instrumental in securing a PM job offer. Tabot's unwavering support created a positive and motivating environment. I highly recommend him to anyone navigating the competitive field of Product Management. Working with Tabot was a transformative experience, and I am confident in his ability to help others achieve their career goals.

    Nate Cusick, Ex Program Manager, AWS
  • I worked part-time with John designing and teaching a curriculum in data science for young graduates. John has a lot of breadth and expertise in various areas of data science and ML without doubt but beyond this breadth, I'd like to highlight his passion, dedication and committment. John can be relied on to see things at a high level, identify problems and then get hands-on to proactively solve them. It is to his credit that our students achieved a 100% pass rate on their certification exams and the balance of his technical and people skills will be invaluable to any organisation.

    Nii Bruce, Data Scientist, McKinsey & Co.
  • I am extremely grateful for the guidance that Tabot provided throughout my application process! His expertise not only helped me understand what to expect throughout the process but also equipped me with effective strategies to tackle complex product-oriented questions. Our interactions were imperative to the success of my interviews!

    Kirubel Seyoum, Product Manager, Capital One
  • I worked with John on the design and implementation of two different data science programs. In the first case, I got to see John lead and facilitate a 4-month program for recent university graduates. His exceptional facilitation skills, interpersonal skills, and deeply caring attitude endeared him very quickly to all the participants. His excellent work was also reflected in a 100% pass rate for all participants in the final (Microsoft Certified) exam. In the second case, I got to see John's technical expertise and creativity on display during the design of a 4-month part-time program for non-technical middle managers. It's been a pleasure working with such a talented and highly dedicated individual.

    Kavi Ramburn, Director, Sand Technologies

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