Who we are

Hypernated was founded by Tabot Arreytambe in 2012 with the vision to revolutionize workforce development for businesses and individuals by fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. We strive to empower organizations and individuals to reach their full potential, creating a future-ready workforce capable of thriving in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Google Nigeria Team retreat in Mauritius

We are a team of seasoned experts who know how to get stuff done!

We work very hard to provide an awesome experience for you even if that means bringing on board outside expertise to augment that of our internal team for the success of your project

  • Tabot Arreytambe
    Tabot Arreytambe
    Founder & Product Lead

    Tabot is passionate about Technology, Education and Entrepreneurship. Currently a Product Manager at Capital One, he leads the development and productionization of Machine Learning models for First Party Fraud detection. He is also the former Deputy Head of Department for CompSci at the Nile University of Nigeria and Faculty at the African Leadership Univ in Mauritius. When he is not teaching or building products, he spends his time mentoring young leaders, organizing tech community events, speaking at conferences, blogging, and facilitating workshops. He received his BSc in Physics (minor: Computer Science), MSc in Computer Science and is currently wrapping up his MBA at the Hult International Business School. 

  • Bessem ebott
    Bessem Ebott
    Agile Expert

    Our Resident Agile expert. Devoted servant-leader and highly motivated Scrum Master and Agile Coach capable of delivering large-scale software and projects on time and on budget by effectively collaborating, facilitating, leading, and coaching multiple Scrum teams. Expert at driving the adoption and enforcement of Scrum rules, removing impediments, and fostering self-management. Capable of bringing overwhelming enthusiasm and awareness to projects, applying expert judgment to the removal of impediments, keeping teams focused and delivering success in rapidly evolving and dynamic environments. Strong stakeholder management experience.

  • Lukman enegi
    Lukman Enegi, PhD
    Software Engineer and ML Expert

    Lukman is a postdoctoral researcher at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. His current engagement involves fMRI data analysis and the development of state-of-the-art computational models for advanced medical imaging techniques. His primary focus is to gain a deeper understanding of complex functional connectivity in the human brain by leveraging anatomical neuroimaging methods. Previously, Lukman conducted his doctoral research in computer science with specialization in signals, image and vision from University of Angers, France. He has a software engineer experience of over 5 years and has gained extensive knowledge in utilizing software technologies for strategic research projects. 

  • John ibare
    John Ibare
    Data Science and Cloud Expert

    A creative and strategic Technology (Product management and Development) and Data (Data Science, Analysis, Machine Learning) professional with demonstrated technical, professional and leadership skills. His worked on projects centered on designing, developing, and creating market strategies for digital products targeting the youth. His deep understanding of technology, data, customer needs give him a unique advantage to derive ideas of programs or partnerships that amplify program impact. He sees his life as a journey of impossibilities turned possible. His experience includes product/project management, data science, applied ML/AI, software architecture design/development and transferring knowledge in most of these areas. He is comfortable working/collaborating with global teams and leading locally. 

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